Rory Phillips | Design, Illustration and Creative Content x


A series of fun holiday quizzes for Adobe, featuring the capabilities of their Formcentral product. Art Direction, Illustration, Webdesign and User Experience Design.

A promotional series of papercrafts for Best Buy. Little monsters you can craft and collect to decorate your workstation, including a nuclear-powered phone charging-station.

A series of promotional papercraft pieces. Each month Calendar of the Month Club members received a new themed 3D paper-toy calendar, featuring creative illustration, typography, writing and design.

Identity design for Scout Creative. On the back of each card is a scout badge, a personal icon custom designed for each member of the team.

Illustration, web design and typography to support “Flat to Flight” a short animation featuring stop motion paper-craft.

Shakespeare Film Series Bard’sploitation is a film series based on the genre films inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. From Bollywood to sci-fi to kung fu and everywhere in between, this film series examines The Bards influence on nine diverse sometimes lowbrow genres of film (and one TV show). Promotional materials included a posters, […]

Blackbriar is a board game of adventure, strategy and intrigue that immerses players in the rich history and mythology of ancient Ireland. There are a lot of board games out there but most fall into one of two categories dense and visually dull games designed for hard-core enthusiasts and garishly bright and overly simple games […]

Instant noodles are tasty but not healthy. Tengu makes traditional healthy, delicious and sustainable noodles everyone can enjoy. Baked not fried, made from organic whole grain and come in a large variety of gourmet flavors. Tengu packaging uses recycled paper and has a tall rectangular shape to differentiate it from the square, bright and cheap […]

Bowling Pin Model Kit A quality product from Pincraft™, Americas second largest bowling-craft hobby company! The goal of this project was to take a bowling pin and makes something from it. I decided to farm out the work to the viewer and create a model kit that would allow people to turn their own bowling […]