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April 1, 2016
01 Apr 2016

Preserve: Signage

signage magenta

Historic Neon Signage

My piece for the Preserve_______. show at the Architectural Heritage Center. Exploring the existing (purple) and lost (yellow) historic signs from Interstate Ave. in Portland’s Overlook neighborhood. It opens Friday April 1st, if your in Portland go check it out, there is some awesome work on display!

Signage was the definitive ornament of the otherwise functional mid-century architecture on bustling N Interstate in Overlook. Today most of these signs, with their luxurious graphics, bold forms and gleaming neon, are gone. The businesses that the few remaining signs advertise will also eventually disappear. I would preserve these historical signs as public art and see the incorporation of the same style, craftsmanship and energy into any new signage along N Interstate.

2 Color hand-pulled screenprint on 100# French Paper in Magenta and White

Signage white

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