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February 22, 2016
22 Feb 2016

1001 Knights: Sifra

1001 Knights: Sifra

Sifra: La Vengeance De La Légion Étrange

Another bonus illustration of one of my Knights from my piece for the 1001 Knights project. Sifra, The Merciless Blade, an Amazigh warrior and sometimes French agent with her own secret agenda in the same alternate post WW1 universe as my other knights. One more knight to go before the reveal of my full piece.

1001 Knights

1001 Knights is a massive 3-volume anthology project, featuring 250+ artists focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones. It’s super amazing and I’m so excited to be involved. Last week of the Kickstarter so get it now or never! Kickstarter.

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