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February 19, 2016
19 Feb 2016

Sturmfaust Panzerzug Mech

Sturmfaust Mech

This is my piece for the Light Grey Art lab Robo Show. It is a really fantastic show, all the art is amazing you should definitely check it out. You can buy one of my prints here!

The Mech

Panzerzug Sd.Zfz.5a “Sturmfaust”

Captain Gretchen “Tuefelkatze” Steiner, 3rd Squadron, 1st Deimosian Husarinen, piloting the latest in Superdemensional Assault Armor from Jaingling Mercedes-Benz. With retrofited updates to the Sd.Zfz.5, the new “a” variant has extended Y-Y-range to 350Mzt while decreasing Tychonoff field loss by nearly 50%, it is the fastest, most maneuverable Paladin class armor in use.

The World

The discovery of the first Minkowski folds near Mars granted mankind access to superdimensional M-space, and promised an age of interstellar exploration previously unimaginable. But what it delivered was a world ancient and terrifying, that humanity was unprepared for. Now with mankind in a desperate battle to defend itself from the Incursions and Apostates, brave Mech-pilots make dangerous sorties into M-space searching for The Relics, alien artifacts that may contain the knowledge humanity needs to survive.

Insertion into M-Space is a descent into terror, it is a realm of madness, insanity and isolation. There are horrific entities there, the Primals, stalkers, leviathans—and us, the Apostates and the not us, those from near possibilities fighting for their own worlds survival. The inevitable combat is brutal, ranged weapons are useless, outside the Tychonoff Field, time and space have no meaning, anything leaving it tumbles uselessly into alternate Branes and possibilities. Every fight is a ferocious hand to hand brawl. Even returning to normal space, our time, our multiverse, is a dangerous and uncertain undertaking. But the relics are there, humanity’s best hope—fragments, artifacts, pieces of a mystery that must be solved.

Sturmfaust Mech Pilot

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