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October 3, 2011
03 Oct 2011


Coatlicue Nuestra Madre

Nuestra Madre

This illustration is inspired by Neil Gaiman’s brilliant novel American Gods. I was really drawn to a minor reference to Coatlicue, (the Aztec Earth Mother Goddess). After the Aztecs were conquered, she continued to be worshiped in some respects as the Virgin of Guadalupe. To represent her, I wanted to blend the Aztec and Catholic iconography. In this way I wanted to reflected the multifaceted visual nature the gods displayed at certain times in the novel. This is one of two illustrations I did for an art jam at Superpunch

Coatlicue available as a 3 color screen print!

Blue, Blue-black and metallic Gold. Hand pulled by me. Printed on 100# True White Speckletone French Paper. Size is 12.5 x 19in

In the shop!

Coatlicue Screenprint

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