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December 5, 2013
05 Dec 2013

Drink Local Brew!

Drink Local Brew

My postcard for Light Grey Art Lab‘s 6 Degrees exhibition. A whole bunch of artists were asked to create a postcard that was about them and the place they live. You can check out all the other great submissions here.

There are literally hundreds of things I love about living in Portland OR. You couldn’t put them all on a postcard, but near the top of my list would be the awesome local brew, coffee and beer. I try to get my fill everyday and so should you, wherever you live! Keep it local!

Two color screenprint hand-pulled by me, on 100# Poptone Lemon Drop French Paper, (support your family owned paper company too!), You can buy some original screenprinted postcards and larger digital prints in the Light Grey Art Lab store.

Drink Local Brew screen print

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