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January 10, 2013
10 Jan 2013

Wonder Woman Redesign

I Have always thought Wonder Woman should look more like a warrior, and less like a pinup. The Amazons of Classical Greek lore were from the region of Scythia. I wanted her outfit to reflect that culture and be almost ceremonial.

Meteor Hammer

I know her lasso is one of her Icons. But it comes from the lurid bondage themes of pulp comics, and felt to pinup to me. So I modified it to an exotic warriors weapon, a Meteor Hammer, a length of rope with weighted ends, think Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill.

Death Mask

She needs a way to protect her identity, so I gave her a Ceremonial Death Mask she could wear into battle. It would be good for headbutting too.


Awesome all around person Rachel’ghul @DarthRachel did this unbelievably great cosplay of my Wonder Woman redesign. It looks perfect! It’s a really amazing thing to have someone bring your imagination to life so wonderfully! She has an fantastic blog you should check out to!

Wonder Woman Cosplay

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  1. Thomas Fummo says:

    Wow. That is simply fantastic. I tried doing a similarly style redesign of WW a while ago, but was unable to think of any way of adequately including the blue and the stars. By adding those blue warrior tattoos, you’ve managed to match the colour better into the ensemble. It’s brilliant. I’d suggest you submit it to Project: Rooftop, but usually whatever I think is amazing, they think isn’t worthy of attention :) I know they’ve never featured any of my stuff (aside from fan-art) however hard I work on it. Anyway, mini-rant over. This is stellar :)

  2. Sally says:

    I adore this redesign – brilliant stuff :)

  3. DarthRachel says:

    hope you don’t mind, but I absolutely have this on my list to cosplay :)


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