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April 19, 2012
19 Apr 2012

Birds of Prey, Redesign

Bat Girl and Black Canary

Bat Girl and Black Canary

I re-imagined Birds of Prey as a “Vigilante Scooter Club”, tough and sporty roller-derby type girls with DIY costumes that are functional, but also fashionable enough for Gotham’s trendiest dive bars.

Birds of Prey, like every “Vigilante Scooter Club”, needs a logo/patch for their jacket, below Black Canary shows it off.
Black Canary and Birds of Prey Logo

For a smart, design conscious woman like Barbara Gordon, a utility belt just isn’t very stylish, instead she has a more functional and fashionable messenger bag, with plenty of room for a Bat-laptop, Bat-tazer, Bat-tonfa, and any other bat-device the plot might require, and her scooter is festooned with a variety of high tech electronics.

Black Canary plays Punk to Batgirls Mod, the fishnets are more about attitude than sexuality. An experienced and dangerous street-fighter, she isn’t afraid to use brass-knuckles or kubotan to keep the odds in her favor, and boxing wraps help keep her knuckles protected from even the hardest skulls. These two might not see eye to eye on technology and fashion, but they do agree; jump-boots are excellent for kicking you in the face.

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  1. Mark Kardwell says:

    Saw this being re-blogged everywhere in the last week or so, which is the only reason I didn’t feature it myself. Excellent work, loved it.


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