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July 16, 2013
16 Jul 2013

Future Corruption

Station Zero : Future Corruption

Station Zero

This is my piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s Station Zero exhibition. Each artist was given a pulp paperback novel from the golden age of Sci-fi, it was then our challenge to update the cover into a 18x24in poster. I am not exaggerating when I say that the pieces in this show are out of this world awesome (pun completely intended), you can check out all the submissions here! Just do it you will not be disappointed. If you are in Minneapolis the reception is July 19th and will remain on display until August 10th. If you are so inclined, you can buy a print of my poster here.

future corruption cover

Future Corruption

The book I was given was Future Corruption edited by Roger Elwood and I really enjoyed reading it, a diverse anthology of Science-fiction from twelve different writers. While the stories have only, at most, a tangential connection to the title, they really rise above the typical pulp Sci-fi I was delightfully expecting. They tackle some provocative and interesting ideas, with elements from Videodrome, The Road, 12 Monkeys, Children of Men and other later works. Unfortunately the cover image by Science Fiction Hall of Fame Illustrator Richard M. Powers never made an appearance, but that left me open to really explore some imagery from the book when redesigning the cover. Mr. Powers’ work is mind-blowingly awesome and it is definitely worth checking out.
Station Zero : Future CorruptionStation Zero : Future Corruption

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