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April 4, 2013
04 Apr 2013

Villain 03: Grendel

villian 03 grendel

The Bane of Heorot

Grendel the monstrous foe from Beowulf is the third villain in the Versus print series. Versus is a collaborative art project I’m doing with Fred DiMeglio. I chose Grendel as the subject based on the words Crimson, Caveman, Cannibal and Stoic, which were used to describe Fred’s Predator print, the second villain in the series.

This is maybe my favorite piece I’ve ever done. I’m just really excite with where this project is pushing me creatively. The way that experimenting with printing and making images without the computer is changing the way I approach illustration and design. Something just kind of clicked for me during my process on this one, it just felt freer and more natural. Created with screenprint using rubylith and ink on velum.

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